Our Facilities

Our facilities help provide the setting for our students learning. Our facilities are a direct result of efforts from our active community, School Council, and our vibrant teaching and support staff, who continually strive to further the educational needs of the students in our care. Many of our facilities are a result of student input and voice providing opportunity for ‘hands on’ educational activity. An example of this is the composting area, the vegetable garden and student mural.

A small school means that ‘all’ students have access to these facilities more often with no or minimal access restrictions. It is all about  providing the best learning opportunities for our students.  The school is also proud of its basketball court with multiple court markings, grassed oval area, the Prep to Grade 2 learning area, the shaded play area, the wet weather games room, the covered sandpit, computer lab and an assembly area.

At Yering we are extremely proud of our facilities on how they support the education of our students.